Born and raised in Vorarlberg, PD Mündlein studied biology in Vienna, specialised in genetics, and graduated in 1996.  In parallel to his professional career at two biotech companies, VBC Genomics and GENOSENSE, he worked on his doctorate and graduated in 2003 as Dr. rer. nat. in genetics. In February 2005, PD Mündlein began his career at the VIVIT Molecular Biology Laboratory which, at the time, was a one-man laboratory situated in Johann-Georg-Ulmer Street in Dornbirn. PD Mündlein was entrusted with the task of conceptualising and building a new Molecular Biology Laboratory for the VIVIT. It is located at the Campus V in Stadtstrasse, Dornbirn. It opened its doors in 2003 and is led by PD Mündlein.  His work on the role of genetic factors in cardiovascular disease became the foundation for his habilitation in “Experimental Internal Medicine” at the Medical University of Innsbruck in spring 2016.  Prior to that, PD Mündlein graduated at the Private University in the Principiality of Liechtenstein and was awarded the titles Dr. in 2008 and PhD in 2010. Moreover, he won the Vorarlberg Science Price in the category Appreciation Award and the Science Award of the Austrian Society of Diabetes in 2015.