Diagnostics of genetic parameters

The VIVIT Molecular Biology Laboratory is commissioned by the Medical Central Laboratories Feldkirch to conduct genetic analyses of human patient samples for medical reasons. These genetic analyses for diagnostic purposes are carried out on the VIVIT’s premises at the Campus V in Dornbirn. The VIVIT is the only institution in Vorarlberg with is accredited – in accordance with the Austrian Act of Genetic Engineering, § 68 – to perform genetic analyses in humans for medical purposes to identify the predisposition for a disease (type 3 and 4, as defined in § 65 of the Austrian Genetic Engineering Law). Chartered institutions in Austria are listed in the so-called “Genanalyseregister”, a registry of institutions authorised to perform genetic analyses.

Genetic analyses for the purpose of confirming the identity of an existing disease (type 2) or identifying the predisposition for a disease (type 3 and 4) must only be conducted upon the formal request of a medical specialist (Austrian Act of Genetic Engineering, § 69), see service requisition form below. The analysis requires a professional consultation with the affected person and their written consent. This is in contrast to analyses of somatic mutations (type 1) which do not require written consent.

The VIVIT does not conduct genetic analyses for the identification of family relationships (paternity testing). Please note that the VIVIT does not offer counselling with regard to genetic analyses. If you have any questions, please consult your medical specialist. The result of a genetic analysis is conveyed exclusively to the referring physician by the Medical Central Laboratory Feldkirch. The VIVIT is subjected to periodic ring trials to ensure the quality of its services and the accuracy of its analyses.

Genetic analysis requisition form for doctors and medical institutions

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